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Regular menu

Duck liver with apples and cream, toast (1,3,7,9)90 g119,00 CZK

Beetroot with goat cheese and walnuts, toast (1,3,7,8)100 g149,00 CZK

Beef Carpaccio served with Parmesan and Pesto, toast (1,3,7,8)70 g185,00 CZK

Salmon tartare, toast (1,3,4) 50 g119,00 CZK

Beef soup with meat and noodles (1,3,9)40,00 CZK

Tomato soup with sour cream and basil pesto (7,8,9)65,00 CZK

Hotel specialty

Main courses

Grilled fish of the day with fennel salad (4,7)200 g229,00 CZK

Salmon with pea pods and lemon sauce (1,4,7,9)200 g299,00 CZK

Chicken supreme with barely risotto (1,7,9)250 g229,00 CZK

Chicken supreme with braised vegetables (9)250 g229,00 CZK

Chicken schnitzel (1,3,7)150 g129,00 CZK

Pork cutlet with shallots and mushrooms (1,7,9)250 g269,00 CZK

Grilled pork tenderloin stuffed with blanched spinach leaves with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes with herb linguine and blue cheese sauce (1,7,9)250 g249,00 CZK

Beef tenderloin steak with green pepper sauce and cognac (1,7,9)200 g399,00 CZK

Linguine with tomatoes, basil and grated parmesan (1,3,7)300 g129,00 CZK

Beef tartare with tenderloin, toast (1,3,9,10)100 g189,00 CZK


Caesar salad (1,3,4,7,10)300 g139,00 CZK

Shopska salad (7)250 g70,00 CZK

Tossed vegetable salad200 g55,00 CZK

Bits of chicken in salad100 g70,00 CZK

Side dishes

Boiled potatoes40,00 CZK

Mashed potatoes with onions and cream (7)49,00 CZK

Steak fries40,00 CZK

Cooked rice40,00 CZK

Braised vegetables69,00 CZK

Toasted baguette with herb butter (1,3,7,9)40,00 CZK

Basket of bread35,00 CZK

Tartar sauce (3)20,00 CZK


Chocolate fondant with raspberry sauce, whipped cream (1,7,8)89,00 CZK

Homemade apple strudel topped with nuts (1,7,8)59,00 CZK

Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (1,3,6,7)89,00 CZK

Vanilla ice cream (1,3,6,7)30,00 CZK


Nuts by offer50,00 CZK


Martini Bianco, Extra Dry0.1 l60,00 CZK

Campari Bitter0.05 l60,00 CZK

Aperol Spritz0.1 l99,00 CZK

Crodino (nonalcoholic)0.1 l50,00 CZK

Prosecco by offer0.1 l40,00 CZK

Prosecco by offer0.75 l255,00 CZK

Bohemia Sekt demi sec, brut, nonalcoholic0.75 l255,00 CZK

Moët & Chandon Champagne brut0.75 l1 690,00 CZK

Cognac & Brandy

Rémy Martin V.S.O.P.0.04 l150,00 CZK

Hennessy X.O.0.04 l500,00 CZK

Godet Pearadise0.04 l120,00 CZK

Metaxa *****0.04 l70,00 CZK

Whiskey & Bourbon

Laphroaig - 10 years 0.04 l120,00 CZK

Tullamore Dew0.04 l70,00 CZK

Jameson0.04 l70,00 CZK

Jack Daniels 0.04 l70,00 CZK


Pilsner Urquell 0.5 l48,00 CZK

Pilsner Urquell 0.3 l38,00 CZK

Birell – nonalcoholic / bottle0.33 l40,00 CZK

Spirits & liqueurs

Finlandia vodka0.04 l60,00 CZK

Captain Morgan rum0.04 l60,00 CZK

Matusalem Grand Reserva 15 rum0.04 l120,00 CZK

Zacapa rum0.04 l120,00 CZK

Beefeater gin0.04 l60,00 CZK

R. Jelínek silver, gold, plum brandy0.04 l50,00 CZK

R. Jelínek KOSHER 5yr plum brandy0.04 l120,00 CZK

R. Jelínek pear brandy0.04 l70,00 CZK

Becherovka0.04 l50,00 CZK

Jägermeister0.04 l60,00 CZK

Baileys0.04 l60,00 CZK

Berentzen by offer0.04 l50,00 CZK

Fernet Stock, Fernet Stock citrus0.04 l50,00 CZK

Božkov domestic rum0.04 l40,00 CZK

Božkov peppermint0.04 l40,00 CZK

Nonalcoholic drinks

Mattoni grand, lightly sparkling0.33 l40,00 CZK

Aquila still water0.33 l40,00 CZK

Granini, fruit juice (type by offer)0.2 l40,00 CZK

Schweppes (orange, lemon, tonic)0.33 l40,00 CZK

Coca-Cola0.2 l40,00 CZK

Kofola0.33 l40,00 CZK

Fresh from fresh juice (by current offer)0.2 l80,00 CZK

Red Bull0.25 l70,00 CZK

Pitcher of fresh still water with ice and lemon1 l40,00 CZK

Home - made lemonade of the day0.3 l40,00 CZK

Hot drinks

Espresso7 g40,00 CZK

Espresso Doppio14 g60,00 CZK

Capuccino7 g49,00 CZK

Turkish coffee7 g40,00 CZK

Viennese coffee7 g59,00 CZK

Algerian coffee (eggnog, 0.02 whipped cream)7 g69,00 CZK

Latte7 g60,00 CZK

Decaffeinated coffee7 g40,00 CZK

EILLES Tea Diamond HB45,00 CZK

Mulled wine, white, red0.2 l68,00 CZK

Grog (rum 0,04)0.2 l68,00 CZK

Frozen Coffee (ice cream, whipped cream)7 g60,00 CZK

Espresso “TO GO”7 g40,00 CZK

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